Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet

Author: Twyla M. Hansen and Linda M. HasselstromDirt Songs, A Plains Duet by Twyla M. Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom
Format: Paperback, 162 pages
ISBN: 978-1935218241
Published: September 2009

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Twyla M. Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom reflect the Great Plains’ influence in seasoned poems that celebrate cloud and water and earth
and their love of all things farm and ranch, green and blooming, feathered and furred, wild and domesticated, warm and breathing.

Critical Praise for Dirt Songs

“Two of the most significant poetic voices in our region, our nation—together at last. The music they create is a miracle, born of the generations, of soil and sky, wildflowers and birdsong, flesh and spirit. This book is a song to help reorient our relationship to the earth and to each other. A song to live by.”
—John T. Price, Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships and Not Just Any Land

“A sharp prairie wind blows through this paired collection, driving away all sentimentality and soporifics about the West along with the detritus of the past century. Twyla Hansen and Linda Hasselstrom have given us the words and rhythms of their lives.”
—Mary Clearman Blew, Jackalope Dreams and This is Not the Ivy League

“Linda Hasselstrom and Twyla Hansen hold the land they love up to the light as they would candle an egg and in the duet of their poetry particles of shell, stone, bone, hair, wood, song, pain, wind pecked from the dirt form the smooth shell that holds a whole life.”
—Linda Hussa, rancher and writer

“Just an ordinary love song. Covering the quite ordinary span of extraordinarily lived lives of rapt attention. It’s a duet I’d love to hear sung in Carnegie Hall, the Library of Congress, or the 11th Street Bar in Bandera, Texas.”
—David Lee, So Quietly the Earth and The Porcine Canticles

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