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Susanna LangSusanna Lang was awarded an Illinois Arts Council Literary Award in 1999 for a poem published in The Spoon River Poetry Review. She has also published original poems and essays, and translations from the French, in such journals as Kalliope, Sport Literate, Southern Poetry Review, Chicago Review, New Directions, and Whetstone, as well as online at the Red River Review. Book publications include translations of Words in Stone and The Origin of Language, both by Yves Bonnefoy.

You can find more information and poems at Susanna’s website.

Books by Susanna Lang for the Backwaters Press

Even Now Even Now by Susanna Lang

Author: Susanna Lang
Format: Paperback, 80 pages
ISBN: 9780981693606
Published: June 2008

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Critical Praise for Even Now by Susanna Lang

Built of keen sensory attentiveness, nuanced imagery, and slyly condensed stories, the poems of Even Now create, within the recurring now, bridges between the human and nonhuman, dreaming and wakefulness, self and world, and the lost and the living. It is out of these connections that Lang makes for the reader worlds both tenderly haunted and alertly inhabited.
Jeanne Marie Beaumont – Author of Placebo Effects

There is a natural darkness to these poems, and they shine with subtle metrical skill and a tender attentiveness to the things (and creatures and youth and ancestors) of the world. This is an affectionate, observant, witty and vigilant poet. I like the confidence, the naturalness, of her voice. I like her light touch; she reminds me of a keyboardist with unusual delicacy and strength in her fingers. She reminds me of a painter, too, fully alive in the natural world, avid to render its objects and their resonances with images-in-language. She exhibits a certain coolness among the riches she is continually drawn to—she irrigates, but does not drench, the reader—and so her poems often are as I wish poems to be, and often especially in how she ends them, opportunities for us to imagine further.
Michael Dennis Browne – Author of Things I Can’t Tell You

This is a book of maturity and beauty; each poem leaves a tingle in the white space, something that not many poems do today… it is also a book that turns the page in wonder—knowing that silence must listen as well as be heard.
Judith Harris – Author of The Bad Secret

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