The Laugh We Make When We Fall by Susan Firer

Author: Susan FirerThe Laugh We Make When We Fall by Susan Firer
Format: Paperback, 67 pages
ISBN: 0967714974
Published: May 2002

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Critical Praise for Susan Firer’s The Laugh We Make When We Fall

Reviewed in the Main Street Rag.

A wild generosity of spirit and vision characterizes this collection. The language marries the elemental and worldly with aplomb, and the effect is sacramental. A wedding lies at the heart of this book, impure life in the arms of mortality. From this union a sensual spirituality bears the eros of our bodies in this time and space. The subject of the book is humble even as it is universal, hovering as it does over and within that great oxymoron, human love, which drives us to remember why we are here, to practice faithfulness to the world, and to give blood. Both fierce and vulnerable, these poems possess a Whitmanian fertility, raised by a grace wholly female to carry the consciousness in which we move through this century and to the seventh generation.
CarolAnn Russell – Author of Gypsy Taxi

To read the poetry of Susan Firer is to enter a unique building constructed by the imagination, like Kublai Kahn’s pleasure-dome, out of the shimmering material of words. These poems reveal a love of language both for its own dear sake and for its ability to deliver the news some of us cannot live without.
Billy Collins – Poet Laureate of the United States, 2001-2003

Awards for The Laugh We Make When We Fall

The Backwaters Prize 2001

Poems from Susan Firer’s The Laugh We Make When We Fall

Every Thing a While

Clothespins, soirees, coldcuts, planets,
Pillsbury flowers, petal pushers, grease monkeys,
Kleenex flowers, white earmuffs, zwieback,
gray & chrome dachshund-shaped electroluxes,
Godpots, dick flames, word cabinetry,
zippo flowers, thunderworms, red lipstick,
lily drop soup, skirts with pockets, fogdogs,
bunkum, glowbowling, sea butterflies,
pollen sacs,  cosmological effects,
the newdeadborn, the uncle sky,
the eye in the heart, the heart in the hand,
Chinese operas, west sky Venus, garters,
horoscopy, the Contraception Museum,
Tootsie Roll Pops, relic walls, grackles,
immigrant flowers’ star vowels, immigrant
birds,death certificates’ filigreed frames,
juncos’ algebraic flights, arborists’ dreams,
movie popcorn rain in the afternoon,
a crow in a pumpkin, night high
-rise-lit office windows, bridges
of moving light, gold lamé downtowns,
spiritual careerism, leaf cassocks,
birdbaths,  marsupials,  slapping ghosts,
flat tires, quotation marks,  fairy drinks,
the wild ride of cells, breaths’ blue overcoats,
Jesus doing the hand jive, computers’
lunar nerves, UFOs’ revolving doors,
brain stems, brain plates, brain storms,
bedclothes, wish bones, orange protractors of sun,
Siberian sage, scilla siberica, zafu
crescents.  The sturdy materiality
of the memory bank, the cloud bank,
the buildings of words.

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