The Woman in the Moon

Author: Marjorie Saiser
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
ISBN: 1935218476
Published: March, 2018

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Marjorie Saiser’s The Woman in the Moon is her 7th book with The Backwaters Press. The poems in this collection move into the past with her mother and father and also explore the present both with family and culture. The poems range in quick flourishes of conventional subjects rendered in exquisite imagery and observations to everyday occurrences that are suddenly spiked with clear focus and complex movements. Saiser’s poems are intricate and graceful in their treatments of numerous subjects, including landscape and evening, grocery stores and roadways, death and birth, love and loss, where sudden realizations seem at once deep and clear and natural. The voice in these poems is fluid and sure.

Critical Praise for Marjorie Saiser’s The Woman in the Moon

A Marge Saiser poem never disappoints! Saiser has the rare gift we see only in the finest poets. Like Emily Dickinson she pays attention to the small, ordinary things, the common bird, the signs others walk by in the hurry of their lives. Looking longer, more carefully, she finds the extraordinary message that turns each moment on its head. Jonis Agee, author of The Bones of Paradise

Marjorie Saiser’s poems . . . open as doors to the unexpected, to what might be hidden, “an oriole . . . among the empty branches,” a star like “one lone pin hole in the west,” an aged father struggling to tie his brown shoes. These poems of the Nebraska plains and Arizona arroyos are doorways to what we’ve missed or forgotten in our own lives. Al Ortolani, author of Paper Birds Don’t Fly

Saiser is attentive to her surroundings as only the best poets are, noting “that spiral of stars. . .over the captive life.” She says, “I know the Milky Way on a moonless night,” and, for all the disappointment and loneliness that may exist in the distance between her and the galaxy’s center, this reader believes her. David Wyatt author of Gathering Place