I Have Nothing to Say about Fire

I have nothing to say about fireAuthor: Marjorie Saiser
Format: Paperback, 83 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935-21839-5
Published: May, 2016

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This new collection by Nebraska poet Marjorie Saiser explores the notion of witnessing. Particularly in our technological age, when we have access to international news as it happens, the question comes up: what responsibility do individuals—including those living in relatively quiet middle America—have in regard to world events? The poems in I Have Nothing to Say about Fire reference autobiographical elements: marriage, children, parents, in-laws, etc., but they also reference global tragedy: war, terrorism, genocide. As we experience our own personal losses and triumphs, what relationships should we strive for with family, friends, neighbors, and the strangers around us, particularly as their narratives push them forward into our and/or the public’s consciousness? In this book, Marjorie Saiser explores these essential questions and offers potential answers that may help all of us.

Praise for I Have Nothing to Say about Fire

“Marjorie Saiser’s luminous new poems are as essential as family. They’re filled with our dead, never far off, filled with all the ways loving goes right and goes wrong. Living with others, wanting always, can never be simple. These poems, crafted with great skill, with great care, conjure for us the possibility of a world ‘where even the silenced can sing.’ With immense generosity, this poet offers a prayer that applies to us all: ‘Let what I did and failed to do/drop like a leaf from my hand.’ Amen.”

—Peggy Shumaker, author of Toucan Nest

“In her latest collection, Marjorie Saiser looks at love, both familial and romantic, and ‘the extravagant, piebald jungle’ of a world in which it must take place. Poem after poem reveals the large truth inside the closely observed detail, the universal in the local, the we in the I. Saiser’s finely wrought, quietly powerful lines demonstrate once more that she is one of the Midwest’s very best poets.”

—William Trowbridge, author of Ship of Fool

“When I read Marge Saiser’s poetry I feel I am in the presence of someone whose heart beats in rhythm with mine. I recognize the situations, the people, and the world she presents in these poems, but in Saiser’s adept hands, all things familiar take on the glow of the universal. Marge Saiser is an extraordinary artist who wields the power of poetry with grace and thoughtful crafting. Her poems offer a much-needed kindness in a troubled world.”

—Karen Gettert Shoemaker, author of The Meaning of Names

“Marge Saiser’s poetry is wise and generous and altogether genuine. No poet in this country is better at writing about love and, in a sense, all of her poems are in some way about love.”

—Ted Kooser, United States Poet Laureate 2004 to 2006