Margaret J. Hoehn

Margaret J. HoehnMargaret J. Hoehn lives with her husband and two children in Sacramento, California, where she practiced law for many years. She is presently raising her children and doing volunteer work for a hospice program and a medical library. Her poetry has appeared or will appear in Nimrod, New Millennium, Peregrine, Inkwell, The Paterson Literary Review, and many other journals. Her chapbooks, Vanishings, won the 1998 Hibiscus award, and Changing Shapes won the 1999 Howard Quentin Award. In 2000, she received the Hart Crane Award, as well as the annual poetry awards from Andrew Mountain Press, ByLine, and Briar Cliff Review. In 2001, she received the Southwest Writers Poetry Prize, the Calvin Fletcher Memorial Prize for Poetry, the annual poetry awards from Briar Cliff Review and Virginia Adversiaria, and her chapbook, Balancing on Light, won the Riverstone Chapbook Prize. She was awarded the 2002 Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry.

Margaret J. Hoehn Books for the Backwaters Press

The Trajectory of SunflowersThe Trajectory of Sunflowers by Margaret J. Hoehn

Author: Margaret J. Hoehn
Format: Paperback, 68 pages
ISBN: 0972618740
Published: July 2004

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