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John McKernanJohn McKernan’s poetry has been published in virtually every literary magazine in the United States and many internationally, including The New Yorker, Poetry, The New York Quarterly, Hudson Review, and The Paris ReviewResurrection of the Dust is his first full-length collection. McKernan studied at Columbia University with Mark Strand, Frank MacShane and David Ignatow, and graduated with an MFA in Writing in 1972. He has received awards for both his poetry and his teaching, including The Robert H. Winner Award from The Poetry Society of America and The West Virginia Professor of the Year Award from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Books by John McKernan for the Backwaters Press

Resurrection of the Dust

Author: John McKernan
Format: Paperback, 232 pages
ISBN: 0978578252
Published: March 2007

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Critical Praise for Resurrection of the Dust

These are wry, wise, ironic poems attentive not just to nature and memory but to the regular, invigorating hauntings of family and influences. The realization of our mortality is everywhere in them, but it only deepens John McKernan’s plainspoken pleasure in what he sees so clearly with each sidelong glance. Resurrection of the Dust is a brilliant selection of first-rate poems that should earn him the wider audience he has long deserved.
Ron Hanson – Author of Mariette in Ecstasy

John McKernan is the master of a sly surrealism that reveals the numinous inside the ordinary or the terrible that sleeps peacefully inside the mundane. With the twist of a quiet perception or the flick of a metaphor, he shows us the true terms of our being: frightening and glorious in equal parts.
Gregory Orr – Recipient of The Award in Literature by the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Open this book at random, to any poem, and you will encounter magic in the form of language and experience, cheek-to-cheek doing a fast tango, full of swerves, dips, and reverses. Elegant wit and humane generosity are the hallmarks of John McKernan’s poems, and they make Resurrection of the Dust brim with energy, surprise, and daring.
David Young – Pushcart Prize winner

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