J. V. Brummels

J.V. BrummelsPoet, novelist, short story writer, teacher and rancher, J. V. Brummels was born and raised in the West and educated in the East. His poems have been published in dozens of literary journals, little magazines and anthologies and collected in two previous books: 614 Pearl and Sunday’s Child. His futuristic novel, Deus Ex Machina, deals with a poet’s place at the end of the world.  His short stories have appeared in a number of magazines, including Rolling Stone.

Brummels is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship and the Mildred Bennett Award for contributions to the literature of Nebraska. A member of the English Department of Wayne State College since 1977, Brummels has directed the Plains Writers Series and edited Nebraska Territory. He and his partner Jim Reese operate Logan House, an independent publisher of contemporary poetry and short fiction.

Brummels lives with his family in western Wayne County, Nebraska, where they raise horses and cattle.

Books by J. V. Brummels for the Backwaters Press

Cheyenne Line, 2001

City at War, 2009

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