Fredrick Zydek

Poet FREDRICK ZYDEK has published more than eight hundred poems and is the author of nine collections. He divides his time between his home in Omaha and a country place in Brunswick. After having taught for several years, first at the University of Nebraska—Omaha, and later at the College of Saint Mary, he now writes full time. He is also editor of Lone Willow Press. He is recipient of The Hart Crane Poetry Award and the Sarah Foley O’Loughlen Literary Award. Among his books are The Conception Abbey Poems (CreateSpace, 2011), now in its third edition, Learning the Ways of the Coyote(CreateSpace, 2010), This is Not a Prayer (Pudding House), T’Kopachuck: The Buckley Poems (Winthrop Press), Charles Taze Russell: The Man, The Message and The Millennium (Winthrop Press), Dreaming on the Other Side of Time (Holmes House Publications), and Stumbling Through the Stars (Holmes House Publications, 2004). One of his poems, “Mary in the Abbey Garden,” was selected to represent the 20th century in Augustana College’s Marian Millennial celebration. He has been making retreats and visiting Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery and seminary in Northeast Missouri, since 1956 and says, “It continues to be one of those places on the planet that energizes my spirit and clears my vision.” His most recent book is a novel, Old Pinhead (Winthrop Books, 2011). He taught theology at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha for many years. Retired, he makes his home in Omaha, Nebraska where he continues to write full time.

Books by Fredrick Zydek for the Backwaters Press

At the Edge of the Ancient Inland Sea

Author: Fredrick Zydek
Format: Paperback, 108 pages
ISBN: 1935218239
Published: March 2012

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