Aspects of Robinson: Homage to Weldon Kees, by Christopher Buckley

EditorsChristopher Buckley and Christopher Howell
Format: Paperback, 378 pages
ISBN: 9781935218210
Published: January, 2011

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Kees was, I believe, one of the four or five most talented members of his generation. And this is the great post-modern generation of American poets which includes Robert Lowell,Elizabeth Bishop, John Berryman, Randall Jarrell, and Theodore Roethke. That these other writers are so widely known and discussed while Kees is so forgotten seems strange indeed. -Dana Gioia, “The Achievement of Weldon Kees”

Reviews of Aspects of Robinson

“Everything about the book seems to draw attention away from the poems as independent works of art–valuable, varied, worth study though they are–and to focus on each one only as an artifact of Kees’ hold on a poet’s mind. The real value in collecting such pieces is that it lets us see the accumulated bulk of Kees’s influence on the poets of (at least) two generations.”

Maryann Corbett,  Rattle

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