Charles Fort

Charles Fort’s  books include We Did Not Fear the Father (New and Selected Poems), Red Hen Press, 2012, Mrs. Belladonna’s Supper Club Waltz (Newand Selected Prose Poems), The Backwaters Press, 2013, and The Town Clock Burning, Carnegie Mellon University Press, Classic Contemporary Series. Fort’s poems have appeared in such journals, periodicals, and anthologies as The Best American Poetry 2003, The Best American Poetry 2000, Best of Prose Poem International, and The American Poetry Review. He is the founder of the Wendy Fort Foundation Theater of the Arts. A past MacDowell fellow, Fort is currently at work on a novel: The Last Black Hippie in Connecticut.

Books by Charles Fort for the Backwaters Press

Mrs. Belladonna’s Supper Club Waltz

Author: Charles Fort
Format: Paperback, 92 pages
ISBN: 1935218905
Published: July 2013

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Critical Praise for Charles Fort’s Mrs. Belladonna’s Supper Club Waltz

In his poem entitled “Race War,” Charles Fort concludes that “earth is not sufficient and earth is our only companion.” But here is a poet who can weave magic out of that bleak fact. In WE DID NOT FEAR THE FATHER, I am ever the great blues tradition not only in American music but also in American culture: Fort is one of those ingenious improvisers who can take what little the world leaves him and transform it into tunefulness, forever staying ahead of all that would destroy him in realms both human and natural. Whether meditating on his wife’s tragic death, on the innocence of his sleeping child, on the sufferings of his brother, or whatever else, this writer’s way with rhythms and cadences, his simply astonishing command of forms (from prose poem to villanelle to free verse, blank verse and haiku), his plain greatness of heart: all these remind us that to the eye that would seek it and to the voice that would articulate it, beauty is an abiding thing. Charles Fort’s readers should rejoice once again to have his testimony to that glorious truth.

Sydney Lea
Vermont Poet Laureate

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