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Leavenworth Street Leavenworth Street by Brian Bengtson

Author: Brian E. Bengtson
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
ISBN: 9781935218098
Published: August 2009

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Praise for Brian Bengtson’s Leavenworth Street

Bengtson’s poems are rough-edged and sassy. He pulls no punches. This trip down Leavenworth Street is not for the weak of heart or the shy of spirit. Be prepared for a few bruises. This is a bumpy ride that celebrates the indomitable spirit of a survivor who has learned his craft well and parades his words and life experience from one end of Leavenworth Street to the other. This is an exhilarating read.
Fredrick Zydek – Author of T’Kopachuck: The Buckley Poems

Poems from Leavenworth Street

Rural Trade

That first new caress
to help the remains of the dance
roll down his face
twang at you like the first riffs
of bluegrass.
His name echoes at you, like the
fever that clings at you on summer
nights after the bar has closed,
when all you feel is the wind
and you wish it was a hand.

His small-town look seemed safe to you,
the rolling plains of home that tanned
his skin, the unblemished sunsets
that flecked his eyes, the sharp
nasal twang in his fumbled opening, the
work-ethic that ordered his drinks, and
the ripples in his stomach from
harvesting the corn.

You can bring up his picture
during those off-moments; the
T-shirt worn out of necessity instead
of the style, the torn jeans ripped
by the real world beyond the parking lot,
and shoes simply bought to cover the feet.

You can remember his smell, the
sharp hint of soap mixed with
the day’s sweat.
You can remember the morning after,
when he gave you his number, like a
child handing his list to Santa, and
the care you took to put it in your wallet.
You just can’t remember why
you didn’t call back.

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