Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace

Editors: Marjorie Saiser, Greg Kosmicki and Lisa SandlinTime of Sorrow Times of Grace cover, a field of sunflowers
Format: Paperback, 347 pages
ISBN: 0967714982
Published: September 2002

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Awards for Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace

2003 Nebraska Book Awards for Poetry & Cover Design/Illustration

From the Publisher:

Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace: Writing by Women of the Great Plains/High Plains is a collection of poetry, fiction and memoir by women from all of the Great Plains and High Plains states in the U.S., and includes work by Marilyn Krysl, Mary Pipher, Jonis Agee, Hilda Raz, Laurel Speer, Judith Minty, S.L. Wisenberg, Gladys Swan, CarolAnn Russell, Grace Bauer, Judith Sornberger, Patricia Currans-Sheehan, Margorie Saiser, Twyla Hansen, Nancy McCleery, and many more.

The anthology was edited by Marjorie Saiser, Greg Kosmicki and Lisa Sandlin. Pen and ink drawings by Jana Harsch. Cover design by Judith Brodnicki. Book Design and layout by Judith Brodnicki.

Times of Sorrow Times of Grace is a showcase for the talents that grow like wildflowers among the writers of the Great Plains and the High Plains who happen to be women.

Critical Praise for Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace:

From the visually stunning cover to the black and white wildflower drawings and eye pleasing font, this anthology is a keeper. It is a map of secret journeys to be shared, read and reread.

It is a daunting task, reviewing an anthology of poetry and prose created through the gifts of many female writers. I am a prairie dweller and writer myself. I’ve experienced first hand the beauties and sorrows, and yet I found myself astounded by the power of their words. Poets and story tellers shared familiar work worn faces from which every dream has fled, the shame of discovering pockets of starvation and neglect amidst plenty. Secrets that poison generations are spoken plainly, along with heart stabbing sorrow that will never be mended. I read of precious shining moments frozen in time, love that could not be battered or shattered into indifference. And there is the sort of beauty one can only find in the plains–sights, scents, and sounds. Huge black prairie skies full of stars remain unchanged through every generation. Weather, people, and everyday life are lamented or extolled in turn. If you want to see what life is truly like in the wide open spaces, you’ll get a feel of plains living in this book.

My congratulations to The Backwaters Press and Mr. Kosmicki for publishing Times of Sorrow Times of Grace. The content is excellent and well worth reading.
Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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