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Also in Arcadia Also in Arcadia by Andrew Mulvania

Author: Andrew Mulvania
Format: Paperback, 80 pages
ISBN: 0981693636
Published: August 2008

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Critical Praise for Also in Arcadia

In this fine collection of poems, Andrew Mulvania conducts the labor of recollection, through the intricacies of poetic form, the resonance of subtle rhyme, and above all the precisely-rendered image. I say recollection as opposed to memory, because the rural Missouri river country of a certain, seemingly by-gone era, is fully re-created, lit like a candle on the page. I greatly admire the honesty and beauty of these poems, and the modest authority of the poet behind them.
Maurice Manning – Author of Bucolics

Andrew Mulvania’s Arcadia lies tucked into the rich landscape of rural central Missouri—its cornfields and falling-down barns, its rickety old river towns with their repair shops and crackling blacktop roads. Like the earliest Arcadians, this fine young poet renders the rough, precarious world with formalizing grace, odic, elegiac, tender, and dignified. He fuses high literary allusiveness with hands-on knowledge of farm life, and he writes so well he makes the complexity of his project, its “strict and tangled intricacies,” as clear as the glassy mirror of a morning pond. Also in Arcadia is a belated pastoral, a new gift brought forward from an old, enchanted, living world.
David Baker – Poetry Editor of The Kenyon Review

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