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New Books from the Backwaters Press

The Backwaters Press is happy to announce we are approaching the milestone of publishing our 100th title. Each new release gets us closer to the goal. Below are some of the most recent published titles.

New Books

The Woman in the Moon

Author: Marjorie Saiser
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
ISBN: 1935218476
Published: March, 2018

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Marjorie Saiser’s The Woman in the Moon is her 7th book with The Backwaters Press. The poems in this collection move into the past with her mother and father and also explore the present both with family and culture. The poems range in quick flourishes of conventional subjects rendered in exquisite imagery and observations to everyday occurrences that are suddenly spiked with clear focus and complex movements. Saiser’s poems are intricate and graceful in their treatments of numerous subjects, including landscape and evening, grocery stores and roadways, death and birth, love and loss, where sudden realizations seem at once deep and clear and natural. The voice in these poems is fluid and sure.

Electric Snakes

Author: Adrian C. Louis
Format: Paperback, 100 pages
ISBN: 978-1935218913
Published: March 2018

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In Electric Snakes, Adrian C. Louis’s thirteenth poetry collectionno one is spared his critical eye, including himself. These powerful and often humorous poems cover myriad subjects: Trump, music, zombies, Jimmy John’s, childhood, caller ID, venetian blinds, magpies, love, and Mom. —From the Editor

Stunt Heart

Author: Mary Jo Thompson 
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
ISBN: 978-1935218463
Published: August 2017

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In Stunt Heart, Mary Jo Thompson’s debut collection, a female gaze locates the ironies inside the subjects of marriage and death, loneliness and love, speaking and silence. The title plays on both sick hearts and circus tricks, and appropriately, these poems are direct, personal, and disarmingly emotive. Look at the end of the first poem, “Says Penelope,” where the speaker suddenly veers to “Newsflash: I sleep- / walk.” These stark moments of admission are used to perfection in the centerpiece sonnet series, “Thirteen Months,” the collection’s highlight. Distilled emotion over the illness and death of an estranged husband ranges in tone from the dark humor that compares the marriage to a used car to the elegiac imagery of protecting the family garden from frost. The shock of seeing the deceased in his casket looking like a cross between Clark Gable and Dracula seasons the collection, recurring in ruminations on the various ways a body is prepared at death and the story of a mother who dies while sneezing. Although no one brings back the dead by writing poetry, in Stunt Heart, Thompson revisits them with credible humor and tough dispatches from bedrooms, graveyards, and hospital hallways. Thompson’s Stunt Heart jukes, dodges, and prays while muscling through all manners of demise and in the process reveals how one can turn grief into speech, art into grieving.

Rock Tree Bird

Author: Twyla M. Hansen 
Format: Paperback, 88 pages
ISBN: 978-1935218456
Published: April 2017

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Critical Praise for Rock Tree Bird

“Twyla Hansen’s Rock Tree Bird is the poetry of an agriculturalist, a lover of soil and plants, of Great Plains waterways and skies, of the tiniest creatures in our grasses and soils and the largest turnings of our stars and cosmos.  In this book, she sings of her parents and their deaths, of metamorphoses in the natural and human world and of our searches for a stable center, the human search for meaning in the quotidian.  In her last section, she seeks for the sacredness deep down in things without religious cliché: ‘Oh christ! Your body broken, eaten, / your blood shed over this land. / Forgive us for not remembering, / Before it is too late, teach us how / To love our one and only earth.’  The poetry of place may be poetry of memory, of perception, or of vision.  Twyla Hansen’s work in this book is the poetry of all three, from memory of farm and family and death in an almost-lost Nebraska to perception of everything in that Nebraska that inspires awe from spider webs and cricket presences to moon movements or ‘gods’ in the stars and planets, and, finally, to visions of the sacred that come in the presence of the mindful seeing of daily things. This is great work.”
– Paul A. Olson, Professor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


TWANG offers readers the increasing power of the voice and the danger of one's words being used against them. What can save you can also make you wretch. Repentance, in TWANG, is a great idea but something far off. What is the speaker offered in its place? You can leave. You can find some way out.

Author: Laressa Dickey
Format: Paperback, 92 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935218-432

Published: February, 2017

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