2016 Backwaters Prize goes to . . .

We are thrilled to announce our latest recipient of the Backwaters Prize. This year’s top prize is $2,000 and publication of the submitted manuscript. The press received more than 300 manuscripts from around the world and our dedicated team of readers winnowed that number to the very best of the best which were submitted to our gracious judge, Henri Cole, for evaluation.


Physical Education, Emily Van Kley

A Different Physics, Lisa Rosenberg

What It Done to Us, Essy Stone

Lion Brothers, Leona Sevick

Fable of the Lost Boy, Cathie Sandstrom

Helpless Intruders in a Strange World, Heather Altfeld

Before the Drought, Margo Berdeshevsky

Was Body, Billie Tadros

The Zoo at Night, Susan Gubernat

The winning manuscript for the 2016 Backwaters is:

Stunt Heart, Mary Jo Thompson

We would like to thank all the poets who submitted their work and congratulate the finalists and Ms. Thompson for their extraordinary work.

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