More Praise for Dirt Songs

Jane Wolfe writes in her blog Prairie Spirits how she is folding the recent Backwaters Press collection Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet, by Twyla Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom, into the morning ritual of tea, poems and contemplation. She says about her experience reading the book:

[B]oth women are keen observers of life on the Great Plains. They write about things that matter to me; the seasons, family, friends, fellow human beings, animals, insects, plants, and weather.   Some poems made me smile.  In “Swiss Cheese,” Hansen pokes fun at unnecessary federal regulations while Hasselstrom unceremoniously tells “The Relatives Who Live in My Head” to “buzz off”as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner . . . All of their poems are honest, gritty reflections which combine ordinary days and extraordinary moments. This book is indeed a duet, nurtured by a deep understanding of the written word and common ground shared by all.


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